Our Mission

Anatolian Artisans is a non-profit organization that empowers low-income artisans of Turkey by celebrating the connection between culture and development.

We provide sustainable economic benefits to low-income artisans through product development, marketing and training. We also raise awareness about arts and culture of Turkey aboard by organizing exhibitions, festivals, fairs, conferences and seminars.


This is our only opportunity. When I work in the fields they treat us very badly, but here you are all very friendly and patient with us.
— Nurcan Solak, Soma Project participant
The new skills I learned will help me succeed. There is no other course I could take that provides training to older, low income, less educated women.
— Yadigar Sevinc, salon owner, Mardin, Turkey
For some, it was their first trip to Turkey, others were old hands such as Peace Corps volunteers, and frequent tourists, or born in Turkey. Nevertheless all were linked by our incredible experience of visiting the Black Sea region together.
— Barbara Von Wahlde, cultural tour participant