What We Do


Product Development

 Our Turkish artisans use and refine their beautiful, traditional sewing and product creation skills in collaboration with international designers to develop products that have a modern flair. Our products are hand-crafted and are created with the most careful attention to detail by our skilled artisans. 


Cultural Programs

We showcase our amazing and rich Turkish and Anatolian heritage abroad by organizing exhibitions, festivals, fairs, conferences and seminars. Doing so helps us to promote awareness of our artisans' business ventures while celebrating the vibrant culture and arts of Turkey. 




We offer training in a wide variety of product creation including: traditional crochet, traditional Oya needle-lace, textile creation, embroidery, sculpture, and many others. We also offer training in micro-business management and entrepreneurship to support  sustainable futures for our artisans. 




We help our artisans to market their products in domestic and international venues such as museum gift shops, wholesale and retail outlets, trade shows, festivals, fairs, and internet stores. In doing so, we seek to give a platform to skilled artisans to market their traditional crafting skills.